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Upper meadows May 31, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.
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Walked to the upper meadows via the creek, through the pines, under the barbed wired fence and through to the Upper Meadows. I am so astounded by  the amount of diversity of wild flowers, herbs, plants that the Mountain offers.

We have walked the meadows regulalry since i have been here and layers of tiny beings rear the heads to be seen by the sun. Today in the upper meadows we slopped through the wetlands to the far side and little communities of  dainty flowers showed themselves to us.

The dogs and wolf love playing ball and swimming in the creeks that surround the meadows, which is surrounded by forests. We also had Shasta, the Eddys, Black Butte triangulating the Upper meadows as we explored on our hands and knees the beauty that surrounded us. Whilst I sat by the creek in the shade beautiful blue dragonflies passed by one landing on my knee for a short while to say hello. We could see that this would be a go0d place to educate those from out of town about water and flora habitats. Magnificent energies surrounded me. Defintely deva energies were strong by the tree I had chosen to sit under. In the light of the Celestene Prophecies it definetly glowed when i approached it.

At one point i had followed the blonde lab who was on a trail led by his nose. The older dog Spirithawk, the Elder sat on the path to say where are you going. Not that way silly. I found myself scrapering under very low branches finding my way on the riverbank when i needed to be higher up to catch the trail which is perfect if you are a blonde lab not a person. Dont follow LUKE. lol

It seems yestderday was Magic Turtle day. A day to vision our future. It seemed today that we are all holding visions of our future and are in a process of finding ways to share those visions with each other as well as find ways in which those visions interact. How to release the I, in the way of being independant of each other, as well as finding ways to release old patterns of ownership into a new way of sharing, encouraging and empowering the creation of the vision that we all share for our new way of Being.

In that it seems we are having to balance the masculine, and embrace the feminine within and without…seeing the value in all our visions and bringing them into manifestation with love. A very interesting process of letting go of the I and coming into the We.