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Shastina June 7, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.

Spent time this week walking again on the mountain. Went toSand Flats again yesterday which looks so completely different to when i first arrived in Shasta.  There is not much snow left and yet when i first walked there the whole places was covered in snow. Underneath not ten feet from where we had sat when we had met the young people who offered us a second breakfast as the hobbits do there were two medicine wheels, a large one and further up a larger one made entirely of stones. Both Kathryn and I got to perform ceremeony for what purpose i am not really sure. I had brought some cornmeal from the local store so i offered it up to the four directions.

Coming back from the flats was definetly warmer than going in more warmth although i got we needed to do it during the early part of the day. Driving back out the rest of the mountain was covered in fog and mist.

The day before Kathryn took me to Lake Shastina which was wind swept and covered in Juniper and Sage brush. Amazing lake that seems so desolate and yet covers so much energetically. As I walked u p a ramp to the toilets i perceived a door to the inner planes. I could feel all these different layers across the landscape in front of me relating to the Divine Feminine, the Temple of the Goddess Light. Behind me the place reminded me of a  mound or ziggurat on the external. Kathryn said that it was a Inner Earth temple and that as you moved up the outside of the mound you would connect with  doorways to different dimensions. At the tope one can connect with different aspects of the earth, individual continents. It seemed what i was seeing was other layers of the Earth rather than a connection to the physical.

Around the corner of a pebbled beach where I was given a totem  Canadain Goose Feather which represents being able to work with the elements air, water and earth I connected with a enormous water deva Ashandra whointroduced herself to us energetically. I nearly cried with the beauty of the energy that I met through her. I could feel her connect with me and my other and her energy moved along my back an d up through my being. As we were leaving i could feel her voice on the inner planes. It felt soft and beautiful, so ethereal and yet so real. A blessing indeed.

EArlier in the week it had been raining, i had been in process and spent time around the house looking at the wood that lay on the ground. I had the idea to make  a walking stick for myself. Another day i found a piece of wood that i uncovered layers like the scribbly gums back home. I am currently finshing both sticks one for me, another  as a gift. I also found a bowl like piece of wood on one of our walks aroudn the back of the lake which i plan to make into a bowl.. Maybe i will do that when i go to Vancouver in Washingtn State.

I feel so blessed to have these lovely people around me although there has been tension in people not hearing each other which is sad. I do see this situation resolved for the good of the whole. That we as humans can learn to hear each other truly.



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