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Meditation group June 1, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.
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Went to the I AM group meditation againlast night. The ladies are leaving for Utah soon so they will meet twice a week. It was Pentecost, the time of the descent of the holy spirit into the disciples of Jesus. The Melchelizedek came through speaking strongly to me again. You are a healer was the comment.

When we spent time in meditation i felt a pain in my left pinky finger release as i realised that i hadnt allowed for my truth to be in the present moment with acceptance of my family….due to the stuff I had taken on from my human family. Melchelzedek is one of my spiritual family names.

At the beginning of the group I felt the energies open up to the Earth, and the what i perceived as feminine energies sitting off to the left in the future somewhere. In acknowledging what was happening the energies came and centered within me. It is all good as I had been feeling overwhelmed by the how of this journey again, now knowing how i was going to accomplish all that i truly wanted to in connecting with the different places and people I knew i desired. The human aspect still wants to know why i am doing this journey alone in some respects even though i know i am not alone in its manifestation.

If you want to see the story related to the first part of this journey last year you can visit the Rainbow Diaries on




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