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Upper meadows May 31, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.
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Walked to the upper meadows via the creek, through the pines, under the barbed wired fence and through to the Upper Meadows. I am so astounded by  the amount of diversity of wild flowers, herbs, plants that the Mountain offers.

We have walked the meadows regulalry since i have been here and layers of tiny beings rear the heads to be seen by the sun. Today in the upper meadows we slopped through the wetlands to the far side and little communities of  dainty flowers showed themselves to us.

The dogs and wolf love playing ball and swimming in the creeks that surround the meadows, which is surrounded by forests. We also had Shasta, the Eddys, Black Butte triangulating the Upper meadows as we explored on our hands and knees the beauty that surrounded us. Whilst I sat by the creek in the shade beautiful blue dragonflies passed by one landing on my knee for a short while to say hello. We could see that this would be a go0d place to educate those from out of town about water and flora habitats. Magnificent energies surrounded me. Defintely deva energies were strong by the tree I had chosen to sit under. In the light of the Celestene Prophecies it definetly glowed when i approached it.

At one point i had followed the blonde lab who was on a trail led by his nose. The older dog Spirithawk, the Elder sat on the path to say where are you going. Not that way silly. I found myself scrapering under very low branches finding my way on the riverbank when i needed to be higher up to catch the trail which is perfect if you are a blonde lab not a person. Dont follow LUKE. lol

It seems yestderday was Magic Turtle day. A day to vision our future. It seemed today that we are all holding visions of our future and are in a process of finding ways to share those visions with each other as well as find ways in which those visions interact. How to release the I, in the way of being independant of each other, as well as finding ways to release old patterns of ownership into a new way of sharing, encouraging and empowering the creation of the vision that we all share for our new way of Being.

In that it seems we are having to balance the masculine, and embrace the feminine within and without…seeing the value in all our visions and bringing them into manifestation with love. A very interesting process of letting go of the I and coming into the We.


Castle Lake May 31, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.
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Got up late today, slept in most of the morning although spent time attempting to communicate with my twin who is guiding me on my journey. Kathryn and I went back  up to Castle Lake,  Mt Shasta for a late afternoon walk. I walked around the back of the lake, we sat on the pontoon for a while then walked back along the trail and found a spot to get into the water….exilerating and refreshing are terms used to entice this temperate water person to attempt the challenge of swimming in the lake which is snow and ice fed by melt water.

Most of the snow has melted up here compared to when I first arrived where snow boots were required to trek into the back of the lake. The peaks are still dotted with snow and the far side of the lake still has snow attached tot eh rocky outcrops. When itested  the water i didn’t think it was too bad, certainly not any worse than Wombeyan mid winter. I gradually began  easing my way in it seemed fine. Finally I got the courage to dive in and well lets say expletives weren’t necessary although I sure didn’t stay in longer than a couple of minutes. My thighs were tingling along both sides. I decided I could allow myself to get used to the water which definetly is of a high frequency I noticed the tingling  seemed to hit certain spots on the body and my friend felt it on the physical later onas a large physical release.

We had previously added the Paradise Codes that i had brought with me that came through in late March. Apparently a lot  of the new frequency codes come through every season through the snow crystals. The lake is also a elemental conduit to inner earth here.

We decided to walk the path heading up to Heart lake  although we had our summer shoes on. I had been complaining about these shoes back home as they seemed to roll over on to the side of the foot on even ground. They seemed to be handling the pine needles better although coming down the mountain again I went bare foot down the trail that was dotted with gnarly tree roots to support the path homeward. It is a good walk up and around the back of Castle Lake  which we will do when we have our hiking boots on and start earlier on in the day.

A deer went flying across the path at one point with one wolf, and a white lab following. So we kept walking calling them back to the path to continue back down to the lake for another swim before heading home. Whilst waiting for the wolf to return i looked out over the lake glistening with snow tipped peaks with the pine forest all around was  a specatular view.

It was definetly easier trapsing through the water without shoes on as everytime we had done this path i had rock hopped across the water which wasnt really the best way to go as many of the rocks were not that stable and it wasnt always easy picking out the path.

Watched the move ‘the Peaceful Warrior”  Dan Millaman whilst eating home made burritos. There were definetly some trippy bits in the movie although it was a true story.

All afternoon I had thoughts of Costa Rica coming up from within my body. Probably because in conversation with Black Horse I thought it would be nice to spend time experiencing the forest life that he enjoyed on a regular basis as one of the Rainbow children.

It reminded me of the family Bri Bri who also lived in the forest in Costa Rica who had invited me to live with them. I wondered if i were being guided in that direction or just aware of that being something i would like to do. I wondered just how that might occur. Funds being what they are. I know I am meant to let go of the how that might occur. I am letting go of how little I have to finance this journey with.

I did put a hand written sign up in the local store offering my services. So I ask that those who would benefit from my work find the sign and contact me so that we can work together and the donation for my services assist me on my journey which i would like to continue.

Hello world! May 29, 2009

Posted by artemia in Mt. Shasta.
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Welcome to the blog of Blue Star Woman Walking.

On a journey across the States…jotting down thoughts, pics to share with friends and family back home. Mainly personal …who knows see where it goes……………

Wasn’t sure if I was going to stay here in this lovely house in the forest. Just starting to get to know people locally. Planting gardens with Kathryn’s friends who are going to help me out when she leaves for her course tomorrow so that i can get some food in the house and connect with the town if i need to. I am looking forward to a slower pace. Will be responsible for my four legged friends one of whom told me last night to stop struggling. Yes, they talk and communicate.

I wondered what the ancestors thought about the struggle with money and resources we were putting ourselves through. It seemed the universe was providing us with all we needed yet we allowed our thoughts and fears to get the better of us. I was attempting not to get pulled into the whirlpool of energies, thoughts, demands that were being made around me.

What happened to the natural flow! flowers, streams, animals dont ask where their food, nutrition, sunlight is coming from…….. it just is. Yet here we are humans supposedly advanced, what ever that means demanding more and more of our guides, mentors, the earth to provide us with all we need to keep ourselves what? busy, motivated, happy? I sort of get where the buddhists are coming from on that one…is it just so that we can fulfill our destiny as the One..or do we go with the flow and learn about how to get along with each other again….what does that take to happen ….for all of us demanding me, me to be pushed into a position of having to learn to relate, play with each other again . Do we have to wait till we get to a position of needing another rather than learning to connect through joy, love,f riendship.  It seems that many of us are externalising our knowledge, our health, our wellbeing waiting for others to give us the answers rather than integrating that which  we have already been given previously.

It seems that those who feel that they communicate well through speech have all the answers when nature does not have a voice as we do..She still manages to get her message across in quiet ways. I would love to learn more about how indigenous people communicate and allow for all people of all types of disposition to have their say. Why do we feel we have to kick and scream to be heard. I am finding balance in this. It seems I am connected to the quiet ones, maybe my journey of opening is aligned with theirs. There is creative power in silence that cannot be wasted. I know I will find the strength and the courage for the child within to say what needs be said for those who have ears to hear.